Mucilage-Free Marmara:
Let's Keep the Sea Alive Civil Society Workshop

Our main goal is to ensure the economic, cultural, social, and environmental sustainability of the Sea of Marmara for ourselves and other species. Working simultaneously from different branches for a social consensus in this area, collaborating with civil society, industry, volunteers, and public stakeholders to establish concrete connections with waste-free living, clean production processes, and other sustainable development goals are just a few steps towards keeping the Sea of Marmara alive.

We are committed to implementing these steps and increasing their impact. The "Mucilage-Free Marmara Civil Society Workshop," held on May 11, 2022, from 10:30 to 13:30, aimed to create a common understanding and collective action alliance for civil society and the public to contribute constructively and correctively to the issue, as much as public institutions and local governments.

The gained experience from this workshop, conducted with working groups, is intended to be applied to the industrial, food, agriculture, and banking sectors in the medium to long term, fostering collaborations.

The Sea of Marmara is a tangible value and workspace right next to us, currently "silently" present. Those of us seeking new ways to protect life, including climate change, living beings, nature— in short, life—can together break free from this cycle of silence.

Etki Çemberleri

(Impact Circles (We asked civil society organizations, "What does the Sea of Marmara mean to you?" in our workshop on April 29))

As an output of our workshop, we have created the Marmara Sea-Friendly Consensus for local governments, citizens, and civil society organizations with the goal of a Mucilage-Free Marmara that is cleaner, self-renewable, and home to hundreds of marine species. We sincerely thank all civil society organizations for their valuable contributions and support. Impact Circles Impact Circles Our seas operate as a whole with the entire ecosystem.

Etki Çemberleri
Etki Çemberleri

However, the Sea of Marmara, in its current state, cannot fulfill its role within this whole. With your collective wisdom and experiences, we invite you to be the voice of the land, water, air, and creatures for the Sea of Marmara. Let's keep the Marmara alive together!

Contact us to get information and register for the II. Mucilage-Free Marmara NGO Workshop.

(Click here to download the workshop report.)