Our Activities

Caddebostan Musilaj
Source: AA

The Blue-Green Future Marmara initiative, aiming to establish partnerships on the path to a solution, adopts a negotiative and transparent approach, acknowledging the multifaceted nature of the problem. It designs and implements all activities based on this approach.

In every project within its activities, the initiative presents suggestions under the headings of "do," "don't do," "repair," and "reduce" based on the current situation, potential, and intentions of individuals and institutions willing to volunteer. Communities are created, and change is initiated to be part of the process.

The fundamental areas of activity on the road to a solution are as follows:

  • Communication Activities
  • Dissemination Activities
  • Impact Measurement
  • Activities Restorative Activities
  • Awareness-Raising Activities

What is Blue-Green Future?

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