What is the Blue-Green Future: Marmara?

Caddebostan Musilaj
Source: AA

Blue-Green Future: Marmara is a solution-oriented initiative born in 2021 as a visible consequence of the mucilage appearing in many places due to Marmara Sea pollution. Our concern with the Blue-Green Transformation represents steps taken in the areas of environmental sustainability and the preservation of water resources. It prioritizes a holistic approach to sustainability strategies. Examples such as the preservation and sustainable management of marine and water ecosystems, optimization of energy usage, waste management, and the implementation of environmentally friendly production techniques are illustrative of the Blue-Green Transformation paradigm.

Blue-Green Future Marmara is the first project of the Impact Circles Foundation, established in 2022. The Impact Circles Foundation has an understanding of establishing collaborations with a negotiative attitude that supports existing work in social entrepreneurship, sustainability, and social impact investing. Since its inception, the foundation's first concern has been Blue-Green Future Marmara.

With Blue-Green Future Marmara, we collectively consider the focal points of Sustainable Development Goals, the EU Green Deal, and the Marmara Sea Action Plan; we work together for the strengthening of our industry, transitioning to a circular economy, and protecting nature through impact-focused investments.

Blue-Green Future Marmara aims to bring together academics, non-governmental organizations, public and local authorities, industrial organizations, fishermen, ship and port operators, and citizens towards a common goal. By forming partnerships to find solutions for Marmara Sea pollution, we can together multiply examples that will benefit the world, the sea, and all living beings.

Through Blue-Green Transformation, we can leave a better world for ourselves and future generations by living in harmony with nature.