Scientific Advisory Committee

Prof. Dr. Gamze Varank

Scientific Advisory Committee

Environmental Engineer, Yildiz Technical University

Prof. Dr. Gamze Varank, who completed her undergraduate, master's, and doctoral education in the Department of Environmental Engineering at Yıldız Technical University, is recognized for her expertise in environmental engineering. In her doctoral thesis, she conducted significant research on "Investigation of the permeability transition of solid waste landfill base systems and rehabilitation of base systems."

Starting her academic career as a research assistant in the Department of Environmental Engineering at Yıldız Technical University, Varank has gradually advanced to various academic titles over time. Continuing her career from a research assistant, she has progressed to the titles of associate professor and professor after completing her master's and doctoral education over the years.

Her research focuses on environmental engineering, particularly solid waste management and treatment technologies. Varank has been involved in various projects and has conducted important studies on various treatment technologies in these projects.

In recent years, she has provided leadership in projects supported by higher education institutions, contributing significantly to water treatment, chemical processes, electrochemical treatment methods, and wastewater management. Her works have been published in reputable journals indexed in SCI, SSCI, and AHCI, and presented at various conferences. In addition to her scientific research, Varank continues to contribute to the academic world through her communication with students and the courses she teaches. In the Blue-Green Transformation: Marmara project, she provides support with her mastery of the needs of sector organizations for their transformations and offers information to the sectors about the innovations and necessities awaiting them through the project's training sessions.